Federation Automobile de l'Ukraine (2012-2014)

Website: fau.ua
VKontakte: vk.com/FAUforYou
Facebook: fb.com/FAUforYou
Twitter: twitter.com/FAUforYou
YouTube: youtube.com/FAUforYou
Tags: #FAUforYou #fau

In February 2013 Automobile Federation of Ukraine announced the restart, the draft of which were items to activate social networks. Total for 1 year the popularity of the Federation has grown many times that we will show the numbers:
VKontakte - 0 to 6 400+ active subscribers
Facebook - from 0 to 8 200+ active subscribers
Twitter - 11 000+ subscribers
YouTube - from 0 to 1000+ subscribers

Car enthusiasts and fans of motor sport more often, in their submissions, use the hash tag #FAUforYou and #fau.

Running VKontakte and Facebook pages allowed to bring a completely new logo Federation of the high level of recognition. A YouTube channel and updated website federation allowed to loudly declare themselves kinds of motor sports, the existence of which in Ukraine, many people have never heard of.